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Cieloscent | Rosary Artisan Collections


Cieloscent is a high-end luxury jewelry company that produces mid-priced rosaries made from solid sterling silver.

Cieloscent is a company with a difference, they value beauty and the Word, which can only be achieved by combining these two elements into one. They take the time to produce their products themselves and hand select every last detail. This whole process takes them over 2 months per rosary.

Cieloscent is a family-run company that makes rosary, healing bracelets, and more. Their jewelry can be purchased in the Etsy shop or through DeviantArt.

Cieloscent was started in the Antelope Valley in Southern California. Cieloscent was originally created by three sisters who loved making rosarys with their mother when they were kids. By 2012, they had moved back to Los Angeles to start their Etsy shop and produce their own line of handmade rosaries and jewelry items.

The Rosary Artisan Collections are handcrafted using high quality materials and beautiful designs that combines spirituality with beauty.

Cieloscent is a company that specializes in hand-made rosary art. They have masterfully crafted rosaries with rare, high-quality materials and creative designs. The company was founded by Margaret Lindenbaum who is known for her unique style of handmade rosaries.

Cieloscent creates gorgeous pieces with a focus on faith and spirituality that are meant to be cherished for the rest of your life. The artisan reflects on how she crafts each piece, which helps listeners relate to the story behind each piece of jewelry.

Rosary Artisan Collections is not just about jewelry but it’s also about storytelling through the craftsmanship. Rosary Artisans take great care in providing quality and unique treasures for their customer every year with limited edition pieces made in limited numbers only.

Cieloscent is a company that provides design and lettering services. They also offer branded Rosary Artisan Collections that are designed by their team of artists.

The Cieloscent team has been crafting rosaries since 2004 and they have always prioritized artistry in their work. The Rosary Artisan Collection on sale now includes a sterling silver, hand-crafted rosary with a prayer card, jewelry box, rosary bracelet, necklace and pin all for $89 USD.

The company was founded by Rafael Escobar who is the Director of Design for Cieloscent. He has been designing custom pieces for over 20 years, including necklaces made from semi-precious stones and gold coins from around the world.

Cieloscent is a premium rosary company that offers a variety of products to cater to the needs of customers. They offer quite an array of products from traditional rosaries to jewelry boxes that come with rosaries. In order for their customers to shop, they provide them with a great website design and easy-to-navigate shopping experience.

Rosary Artisan Collections is a collection of handmade rosaries designed by Cieloscent. It is comprised of five different styles: the Bardot Pearl Rosary, the Weathered Wood Rosary, the Black Onyx Rosary, the Sterling Silver Rosary & Chain, and the Classic Claddagh Rose Gold Plated Rosary & Chain. The materials used are high quality and beautiful in every way possible.